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“Encounter TT’s work is niche but very valuable improving the cultural offer for those with learning disabilities and mental health problems. Although the company is very much still at a developmental stage, the work is of high quality and best practice in its field.”

Val Wilson, City Arts and Events Manager

“EncounterTT is one of the most unique organisations I have come across. I see that now more than ever that there is a real gap in the UK for what they do. They cast a wide net across different art forms bridging a gap between participatory projects and dramatherapy as well as actively engaging adults and young people with learning disabilities and those without in live performance, art, music and much more.”

Anna Bunt, Advisory Board Member

“What’s impressive about Encounter Theatre and Therapy is both their knowledge of the need they cater for and the strength of their work ethic. This is a very determined organisation that’s making an incredible impact on the lives of people they work with.”

Rob Mulholland, McQueenie Mulholland

“Exeter has been lucky to enjoy a thriving cultural scene in recent years. However, there is an ongoing problem with the gap between our cultural organisations and venues and local communities, particularly marginalised groups. Through their innovative mix of dramatherapy, theatre and socially-engaged arts practice, EncounterTT are a vital part of bridging this gap. Through a number of well-received and successful projects, including engaging with the local disabled community to organise a flashmob in local shopping centres to raise awareness; connecting university academics to local communities to help explore themes of cultural heritage, marginalisation and copyright through participatory artwork; and directly assisting adults with learning disabilities to access cultural events across Exeter, EncounterTT have done an incredible amount to connect diverse groups of people and artists across the city.”

Exeter City Council Arts and Culture Member Champion, Cllr Rose Ashwood


#SeeMe #SeeMe

“CEDA are very happy with the impact and opportunities available to those who would normally not be given opportunity to take part in a public production such as the #SeeMe #HearMe event. An event like this works in line with CEDA’s mission statement of enabling disabled people to be seen as visible and meaningful members of the community.”

Craig Bowden, Activity Hub Manager, CEDA

“People’s attitudes to disabled people need to change. A lot of people get bullied. We do things like this and get together and show who we are.”

Jeremy, Performer


The Audience Club

“The Audience Club has opened our eyes to the audience members that we were not reaching. The FOH team have genuinely enjoyed interaction with Club members giving them renewed confidence and pride in widening scope and provision.”

Exeter Phoenix


Diaries of The Deceased: Courtyard Interruptions, RAMM 2015

“I found the Courtyard Interruptions at RAMM both unsettling and nourishing; it drew me into a sensory experience of war and health and was so well structured and contained I felt able to give in to the experience and trust that it would be valuable. It was an excellent example of dramatherapy and theatre in that it provided an opportunity for internal, personal engagement alongside a highly theatrical visual, auditory performance.”

Fiona Macbeth, Senior Lecturer and MA Pathway Coordinator, University of Exeter


What’s Mine is (Y)ours? 2016

“I felt it was important for me to have a space to voice my ‘forced marginalisation’ as a BME person. I feel the issue of consent is such a vital aspect of shaping our world.”

“Richness and depth of enquiry”

“Very thought provoking!”

“Much more interesting, challenging and enjoyable than I had anticipated!”

“The multi-faceted nature of the work is fascinating.”

“Highly illuminating”

Audience Members, Exeter CVS, June


Lower Groundfloor, Exeter Phoenix, Bradninch Place, EX4 3LS

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